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You can’t just rename your IT Ops team and call it “DevOps”

I was really happy to give this interview to Jeff Meyerson on Software Engineering Daily, talking about DevOps, GitOps, software quality and how Datree can help.

The bottom line for developers is that we need to ship software and we need it to be as reliable and as fast as possible. One way we can do that is using DevOps. DevOps, essentially, is taking responsibility end-to-end for writing and shipping software.

DevOps is about giving ownership to a person end-to-end in terms of how to build the software and ship it. It’s not about hiring a “DevOps guy”, or renaming your existing IT Ops team into a “DevOps team”. Datree doesn’t have “DevOps engineers”, only software developers. Some are more frontend, some more backend, some more infrastructure as code. But everyone has ownership over their code; we don’t throw it over the wall to Ops or QA.

We also talk about handling bugs and testing in production, the GitOps movement, and best practices and policies when it comes to repository management. Of course, these are areas where a policy enforcement tool for code, like datree, comes especially in handy!

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Shimon Tolts
Co-founder and CEO
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