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Our story

When Shimon Tolts (our CEO, AWS Community Hero, and frequent DevOps speaker) was an engineering manager at a 400-developer company, a developer made a mistake of committing AWS secret keys into a public GitHub repo.

They were very lucky the bad actors who got hold of the keys "only" spun up ~$20,000 worth of compute instances to mine bitcoin...

Shimon thought writing policies in a wiki (and reminding people in email, Slack, and during code reviews) would be enough to prevent mistakes like this. But, this happened anyway.

Dev teams are now deploying infrastructure on their own. Ensuring policies are followed has just got harder, and mistakes can be costly. This is why we built Datree.

To date we’ve helped Engineering teams check 100,000+ commits across 26,000+ repositories for 18,000+ engineers.

Our leadership team

Shimon Tolts

Co-founder & CEO

Eyar Zilberman

Co-founder & CPO

Roman Labunsky

Head of Engineering

Our board members and advisors

Yodfat Harel Buchris

Managing Director,
Blumberg Capital

Rona Segev

Managing Partner,
TLV Partners

Yuval Cohen

Angel Investor.
Ex-CISO at ServiceNow

Adi Sharabani

Angel Investor.
Ex-SVP & GM at Symantec
Our investors
Contact us

For product support visit Documentation or contact support@datree.io. For general inquiries contact us at info@datree.io.

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236 8th St,
San Francisco,
CA 94103,
United States

Tel Aviv, Israel

HaNatsiv St 39, 1st floor,
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