Policy Management

These three core features enable you to delegate knowledge to developers within the workflow

Preset and Customizable Rules

No need to stay on top of industry practices.
Datree identifies latest trends and best practices, continuously adding new curated rules to the dashboard.

Customizable rule output messages

To help the policy owner to educate the policy consumers (e.g. developers, teammates, etc.), why and how they should fix their misconfigurations, the text that is shown in the CLI, when a rule is failing, is editable.

Centralized control

No need to communicate instructions for how to fix misconfigurations. Upon making changes in the dashboard, your policy is automatically updated across your entire organization.

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Learn more in docs

Helm-Native Support

Helm plugins are add-on tools that integrate seamlessly with Helm. They provide a way to extend the core feature set of Helm.
Therefore, Datree's Helm plugin can be accessed through the helm CLI, to provide a seamless experience to Helm users.

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Built-in Schema Validation

No need for separate tools for policy and schema validation.
The policy tool includes schema validation, enabling you to ensure all configurations are valid and following your standards.

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Centralized Policy Check Log

Easily track patterns of usage, policy changes, and their enforcement trends, as well as understand their value to your organization. Use the dashboard’s ‘history of policy checks’ to track and control which projects are running your policy, as well as how they’re being executed and enforced. Managers can easily understand the value and track the policy changes.