Secure Your Kubernetes,
Prevent Misconfigurations

Datree secures your Kubernetes by blocking the deployment of misconfigured resources.

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Datree blocks the deployment of misconfigured resources

Block config changes that do not meet your policy with an admission webhook.

Local scanning ensures that no sensitive data leaves your environment

"There are free alternatives, but when you have 100+ engineers in the organization you need a solution with centralized policy management and native monitoring. This where Datree shines.”

Alex Jones

Engineering Director, Canonical

Enforce one of Datree’s built-in policies

Whenever a new config is deployed to your cluster, Datree’s admission webhook checks if it is compliant with your chosen policy.

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Implement across your organization

Datree offers a suite of tools to enable and simplify the implementation process.

CLI Integration

Help your developers find misconfigurations in their configs before deploying them.

Centralized Policy Management

Different clusters require different policies. With Datree you can manage all your policies from one place.

Management Dashboard

Security posture score, policy violation analysis and scan history.

We play well with the K8s ecosystem