Block misconfigurations,
not deployments.

Automated policy enforcement for Kubernetes configurations.

Prevent Out-of-Control Infrastructure

Enforce policies to prevent misconfigurations in Kubernetes, before they could impact production.

Automatically test every code change for misconfigurations or policy violations that may cause service outages or degraded performance.

Adopt cloud-native infrastructure with minimal risk by applying built-in policies, or create custom policies to meet specific requirements.

Remove Blockers to Deployments

Focus on building better applications, not on infrastructure, by enforcing built-in policies for Kubernetes.

Eliminate manual code reviews for infrastructure-as-code changes, with checks that run automatically on every pull request.

Keep the current DevOps workflow, with policy enforcement that integrates seamlessly with existing source control systems and CI/CD pipelines.

Understand and resolve issues right away, with detailed feedback provided on every failed test.

What they're saying
"Datree is a Microsoft for Startup alumni whose solution was exposed to multiple product teams, turning Microsoft into a loyal customer. We are excited to be part of their continued success."
Jeana Jorgensen, GM of Cloud & AI Division

Datree is a policy enforcement solution for Kubernetes. It integrates with GitHub and automatically checks every pull request for rule violations and misconfigurations. (BitBucket and GitLab support coming soon.)

When rule violations are found, Datree prevents merging and shows the developer instructions to understand and fix the issue. Datree runs in the cloud with optional support for source code that is hosted on-prem.

For managers and team leaders, Datree provides a single place to manage, enforce, and monitor policies without costly implementation work or disruption to developer workflows.

Custom rules can be created and enforced company-wide to meet specific requirements or for other tools.

What they're saying
"Datree prevents developers from making mistakes that affect quality and security."
Justin Rupp, Systems Architect
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Block misconfigurations,
not deployments.