Apply lessons learned. Prevent costly mistakes.

Enforce your development best practices, coding standards, and security policies on every commit.

Datree is your Center of Excellence automation

Adopt new technologies and architectures - like microservices and Kubernetes - in a quick and consistent way through best practices checks.


Datree checks are continuous and part of your git workflow, just like your CI tests. It makes code reviews more efficient and speeds up releases.


Datree enforces your security policies at pull request level, so developers can satisfy security requirements without leaving their workflow.

Datree works directly in your
git workflow

Datree helps teams automatically adopt development best practices, coding standards, and security policies by performing automated GitHub checks that run like your CI tests.

Every time new code is committed, Datree checks if the rules you've set are followed - and tells the developer when they aren't and how to fix it.

How Datree works
Scan your current repositories against Datree's default rules to find bad practices, code quality issues, and potential security risks.
Set rules on repositories, based on technologies you use, compliance standards, or your own lessons learned from production issues.
Enforce rules on every new commit with automated checks. Simply warn developers of issues found, or block merging until the issues are fixed.
Comes with best practice rules for your tech stack

Create enforceable rules per your best practices, standards, and policies - or use predefined rules curated by Datree from common industry practices.

Datree comes with dozens of rules for popular technologies and frameworks - such as Kubernetes and Docker - and for specific tools and use cases, such as SOC 2.

CI/CD Pipeline
Datree curates and implements best practices for you

Whether you are adopting new technologies or want to apply lessons learned from post-mortems, Datree makes it easy for you to implement best practices listed in these guides.

GitHub best practices

Example rules:

Prevent commits with secret keys from being merged into master
Prevent commits from unauthorized authors
Ensure code owners are defined for code reviews
Docker best practices

Example rules:

Ensure maintainer:property exists
Ensure user property is specified and not root
Ensure from: every image is pulled from a specified registry
Serverless best practices

Example rules:

Grant minimum necessary permissions to Functions
Ensure framework version is specified in YAML
Ensure use of Webpack for Node.js serverless apps
Trusted by enterprises and developers alike.
Repos scanned
Commits checked
What they're saying
"Datree helps our engineering teams develop software in an efficient and scalable way. It lets us enforce code quality, security, and development best practices."
Amir Arama, Sr Director of Operation Engineering
Perion Network
Raise your standards,
one commit at a time.