Kubernetes is Not Secure by Default

Datree secures your Kubernetes by blocking the deployment of misconfigured resources.

Install Datree in one command

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$~ helm install -n datree datree-webhook...
helm install -n datree datree-webhook datree-webhook/datree-admission-webhook --debug \                --create-namespace \                --set datree.token= <TOKEN> \                --set datree.clusterName=$(kubectl config current-context)
kubectl apply -f ~/yamls/testDeployment.yaml 

Loved by the OSS community

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600+ releases

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Datree offers a suite of tools to make adoption seamless

Monitor your cluster for security gaps

By default, Datree is first installed in monitoring mode that reports on policy violations, rather than blocks their deployments.

Failing resources / namespace

Shift-left misconfiguration prevention

Help your developers to find misconfigurations in their configs before deploying them, by integrating Datree to their CI.

“Datree makes it harder for the developers to make mistakes, and easier for the developers to fix mistakes.”

Alex Jones, Engineering Director at Canonical

Find your most critical misconfigurations.

Datree makes it easy to improve the quality of your cluster by prioritizing the misconfigurations to be fixed.

Get your posture score

On average, users who deploy Datree in their organizations improve their posture by 20% within the first 3 months.

We play well with the K8s ecosystem