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Enforce Pull Request descriptions with Datree

If you ever tried to get developers to fill out a pull request description template, or at least write something in the description, you’d want this.

Creating a PR description template as you know is the easy part.

Sometimes people are just too busy to bother filling it out. Or they forget.

Because there isn’t an easy way for you to enforce the template, you probably end up having to remind them in person or during code reviews.

What this policy does for you

Datree’s new pull request description policy solves this problem. You can:

  • Require folks to simply include a description
  • Require folks to fill out a description template
  • Require folks to check all boxes in a checklist

Pull request description empty

As always, Datree will tell you why your PR failed the check:

Pull request description check with Datree policy

Want to start using this rule? Go to Docs for step-by-step instruction.

Eyar Zilberman
Chief Product Officer & Co-founder
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