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Datree is on GitHub Marketplace 🎉

We’re excited to share with you that we have launched Datree on GitHub Marketplace.

Some of you already know this of course, because we’ve recently been getting a lot of sign-ups coming from GitHub!

Datree is currently one of the trending apps on the Marketplace 💪

Datree is a trending app on GitHub Marketplace

We’re verified.

Datree is also a Verified GitHub Marketplace app.

Datree is a verified app on GitHub

It means:

– We passed GitHub’s security review – we’ve followed the security best practices on authentication, access control, data protection, vulnerability management, incident response workflow, and more.

– We passed the requirement for real-world usage – we have more than 200 users from our GitHub Marketplace app prior to the launch alone.

What’s in it for you

It makes sense for us to partner and integrate with GitHub at a deep level. After all, our product is a policy engine built on top of GitHub.

Many of the policies available on Datree have to do with the management of Github repositories, such as archiving dead repositories or protecting your branches.

But this benefits you as well: if you’re already on GitHub, installing Datree app from the marketplace is a seamless experience that only takes minutes, and the billing is unified with other GitHub apps you already use.

Our pricing is transparent on GitHub Marketplace. You can see our starting prices on our App page on the marketplace:

Datree GitHub App pricing

Yes, Datree is free for up to 5 developers and for open source projects.

If you just want to try the product, simply install the App through GitHub into your account. If you have projects with frequent changes and many contributors, such as open source projects, Datree could be a good fit.

In any case, once you install Datree you also get access to a sample GitHub account you can play around with.

Check out our Docs for tips on getting started

Eyar Zilberman
Chief Product Officer & Co-founder
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