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New & improved Datree – the git-based policy rules engine

What’s news

We’ve recently launched many improvements to Datree: new policy rules, new features, and enhancements to make common tasks easier and faster to do.

Datree is unique in two ways:

  • It allows you to set, manage, and enforce policies via Git across all your code repositories at once – whether for security and compliance (DevSecOps), or code quality purposes.
  • It generates insights into all parts of the tech stacks being used across all repos, making it easy to identify what issues to remedy through policies and enforce through Git.

Our customers have told us they want more insights and more policy rules – and we’ve got them:

1. [New policy] Block out-of-date pull requests

This rule is for improving code quality. When teams collaborate on the same repository, a team member may inadvertently push code to the base branch when there are open pull requests, causing the base branch to be ahead of the feature branch. This rule ensures a pull request is always up to date with the base branch prior to merging.

Block out-of-date git pull requests

2. [New policy] Ensure Code Owners are defined in projects

Another rule for improving code quality, as encouraged by Github. The CODEOWNERS file allows you to define and assign different pull request approvals for different parts of your codebase. This rule makes sure the CODEOWNERS file is located inside the repository. Read more in our new docs.

Policy Codeowners

3. [New policy] Custom commit message

You can now easily define your own custom commit message for integration with different automation tools, such as semantic-release or generating changelog. You can also turn on this rule if you want to have a structured commit for a more readable Git history.

Policy Custom Rule

4. [New feature] Enable rule on future repositories

Giving users the option to allow more granularity in policy enforcement was always a key feature for us. You may have noticed in the new policy rules screenshots above that you now have the option to automatically enable any policy rule to be applied on future new repositories.

5. [New feature] Manage Accounts page

We are happy to announce we are now supporting multiple accounts. We added a new screen and the functionality to add different Github organizations to the same Datree account. This way, if you are a member of multiple GitHub organizations, you will be able to install Datree on each and any one of them, and switch between them through this page.

Manage multiiple Github accounts in Datree

6. [Enhancement] Insights on branch settings in the Status Report

Ever wondered which of your repositories don’t require pull request review? Or in which repositories the main branch can be deleted by force push? Us too!

This is why we’ve added more information to the Status Report:  

  • Which repositories don’t have a protected main branch which means collaborators can force push or delete the main branch by accident
  • Which repositories don’t require at least 1 review for approving a pull request
  • Which repositories new commit are NOT dismissing a pull request approval

What’s next

We’re working on some enhancements to improve your experience, so stay tuned.

To get the most out of Datree, check out our new docs to learn about all available out-of-the-box policies, how to add slack integration, setting up Branch Protector for your account, and more.

We hope that these new updates help you do even more with Datree. These features were built based on feedback from our users, so if you have any ideas or flows you’d like us to improve, please let us know!

Eyar Zilberman
Chief Product Officer & Co-founder
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