With 2019 coming to an end, let's take a look at all the major updates and events that happened in this busy year for Datree.

Rule packs

We have some many new rules we now organize them in packs. Rule packs could be technology-specific (like Docker or Kubernetes), language or framework-specific (like Serverless), tool-specific (like GitHub or Travis CI), or even topic-specifc (like SOC 2 compliance).

We know what your tech stack looks like from scanning your repos, so we've also started automatically recommending rule packs for you to enable.

Properties explorer

Properties explorer is a powerful feature for finding specific policy deviations you suspect exist across your repositories. The findings could guide you on what rules you should create and enable.

Enable rule on future repositories

A true "set-and-forget" capability. Turn this on to automatically enable a rule on all future repositories. Great for the basic and universal best practices you want to put in place across the organization.

GitHub Universe

This year we sponsored GitHub Universe. Our booth was a standout - and we also threw a fun country themed after-party at the end of day 1. It was good to get out there and meet people from all kinds of Engineering organizations essentially saying, "yes, this is a problem we want solved!"

AWS Re:Invent

We threw our second secret pub crawl party in Vegas during the AWS Re:Invent conference that 1,000+ people registered. Not going to tell you more than that 🤫 but it was a blast!

Best practices guides

Our Top GitHub best practices guide has always been popular but we've now grown the collection to include best practices guides for Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, CI/CD Pipeline - and many more coming. We curate industry best practices (and turn them into rules in Datree) so that it's super easy for you to get started with our product.

Git error articles

We published more git tutorials. The newest are git error tutorials that cover common git errors like fatal: remote origin already exists. Perfect for the more junior developers, or even as a refresher for those of you git masters.

Weekly Newsletter

We're now at 6,000+ subscribers. Unlike most newsletters you get from software vendors, ours aim to be a resource for DevOps practitioners, developers, and architects. That's why we curate interesting and useful articles from around the web, instead of showcasing just our own. As long as we continue getting the positive feedback as we are now, we're going to keep going 👍

Datree at scale

Since launching in early 2019, Datree has now run 100,000+ checks across 16,000+ repos for 1,000+ engineers. That's a lot but it's going to be a whole lot more as we welcome some of the largest Engineering organizations in the world to Datree.

On to 2020 🚀

Tyler Cascade
Head of Growth
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