Scale engineering without the growing pains

Datree is the scalable way to ensure adoption of best practices, new technologies and security policies

Why Datree
Scale Engineering organization.

Getting all developers to be familiar with - let alone adopt - development best practices, coding standards, and security policies is a major scaling problem.

Improve code maintainability.

Maintainable code means it's easy for developers to make changes, perform upgrades and updates, and prevent future bugs. This is where coding standards come in.

"Shift left" security and compliance.

Agile and DevOps means there is less time for security reviews. Security reviews need to fit in the development workflow to improve developer compliance.

Adopt microservices architectures.

Microservices often means a new team structure with many small teams. Consistency in development practices across teams becomes critical.

How Datree works

Datree helps teams automatically adopt development best practices, coding standards and security policies by performing automated GitHub checks that run like your CI tests.

Every time new code is committed, Datree checks if the rules you've set are followed - and tells the developer when they aren't.

Popular use cases

Verify that every commit is tied to an issue tracker (e.g. JIRA) ticket for traceability

Prevent secret keys from being committed into GitHub repositories

Prevent use of deprecated or vulnerable Docker images, e.g. Alpine 3.3

Verify that CI configuration includes running certain jobs (e.g. third-party packages scanner)

Require at least one code reviewer to review pull requests before merging is allowed

Prevent use of libraries with deprecated technologies, e.g. Python 2.x

Prevent dependencies directories from being merged into codebase

Prevent local configuration files from being merged into codebase

Require a git ignore file to exist in every pull request

Require code owners be specified for each GitHub repository

Block unauthorized committer or author from merging commits to GitHub

Require versions of packages be specified in manifest files

Require use of specific version of packages

Block out-of-date pull requests in GitHub

Require commit messages to follow Angular naming convention

Create your own rules to enforce

What they're saying
"Datree helps our engineering teams develop software in an efficient and scalable way. It lets us enforce code quality, security and development best practices."
Amir Arama, Sr Director of Ops Engineering
Perion Network
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