Schedule A Meeting With The Datree Team

One of the Datree Team experts will join you on a call to give you an overview of their product and answer specific questions related to your environment, challenges you have, and how we can help.

Datree is an automated testing solution for Kubernetes. It integrates with GitHub and automatically checks every pull request for rule violations and misconfigurations. When rule violations are found, Datree prevents merging and shows the developer instructions to understand and fix the issue. 

For managers and team leaders, Datree provides a single place to manage, enforce, and monitor Kubernetes policies without costly implementation work or disruption to developer workflows.

In this free demo, we will cover:

✅ Understand how you use Kubernetes & what challenges you have.

✅ Show you how Datree could help and work with your environment.

✅ Answer any questions you might have (even the technical ones!)

Datree helps Engineering teams adopt development best practices, security policies, and new technologies by running automated GitHub checks on each commit.