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We would love your feedback to improve our product event further! If you are using Kubernetes and GitHub in your company, register below to receive a $100 Amazon gift card for a user interview.

We would love your feedback to make our product even better!

We are looking to understand industry use cases, needs, and setups that can help us improve our product for current and future customers.

If you qualify based on the information you enter the Datree team will contact you for an interview to provide feedback on the problems we are solving related to delegating Kubernetes responsibilities to developers. 

This is a 30 min call where you answer questions related to your experience in the field, how you have solved problems related to dealing and preventing K8s misconfigurations which is valuable for us and we would be happy to give you a gift card in exchange for this.

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Datree helps Engineering teams adopt development best practices, security policies, and new technologies by running automated GitHub checks on each commit.