DevOps Policy Enforcement

Accelerating delivery frequency and time-to-business value is the goal for any DevOps initiative

Often this comes at a cost to quality

Engineering Teams

As engineering teams grow, development styles and practices diverge, which increases the risk of one team’s work breaking that of another team.


Shifting responsibility “left” for infrastructure and operations increases the risk of a single mistake causing downstream issues that impact users and customers.

Faster Development

Faster development cycles leave little time for reviews, increasing the risk of lapses such as exposing private keys or misconfiguration of infrastructure.

DevOps leaders know what organizational policies need to be in place to maintain the quality of releases, but the challenge is in enforcing those policies without slowing down development and without relying on individuals to remember to follow them.

How to accelerate delivery of quality software

Datree is a solution for DevOps policy enforcement, allowing engineering and DevOps teams move fast without breaking things. Don’t compromise between quality and time-to-market. Here’s how:

Set and enforce policies for code, infrastructure-as-code, and repositories.

Ensure all contributors follow best practices, organizational standards, and compliance requirements. Automatically check code changes for policy violations, and prevent merging until the issue is resolved. Manage policies and monitor compliance in one central place.

Integrate policy enforcement into GitHub workflows with zero friction.

Policy compliance tests and actionable reports run in GitHub where developers can see and act on it. Get started in two minutes by connecting Datree to GitHub or adding a lightweight local package.

Foster collaboration and shared knowledge among large teams.

A real-time catalog of code components, contributors, and repositories lets developers see how everything is used and connected.

What they're saying
“We can ship better products faster, because Datree helps us automatically enforce code policies in GitHub.”
Lead DevOps Engineer
How to have confidence in operational efficiency and quality

As teams and repositories grow in size, so does the risk of mistakes making their way into production code. Datree provides confidence and peace of mind to engineering and DevOps leaders by providing two things:

Visibility into policy compliance and usage of code components throughout the organization.

See which repositories are not compliant with policies, and why. Code components — such as internal packages and open-source libraries — contributors, repositories, and all their connections are cataloged in real-time.

Assurance that code changes that don’t comply with policies will be blocked.

Every code change (pull request in GitHub) is tested for policy compliance. If a policy violation is detected — for example if secret keys are exposed — then merging is blocked and the developer is shown an explanation with instructions for fixing it, directly in GitHub.

This solution is provided as a SaaS that integrates directly with your GitHub organization. Request a demo or trial to learn how Datree can help you with DevOps policy enforcement.

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