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Datree tests each pull request against Kubernetes configurations policies. When a pull request fails the test, Datree explains why and how to fix it.

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Datree relieves DevOps from performing manual code reviews of Kubernetes configurations and allows developers to self-serve infrastructure.

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Datree helps DevOps and Dev teams satisfy Security requirements and reduce security risks by preventing Kubernetes misconfigurations.

Case study
"Datree prevents developers from making mistakes that affect quality and security."
Justin Rupp
Systems Architect, Global Giving
Global Giving
Crowdfunding for social good.
Headquarters: Washington DC, USA
Funds raised: $394M


Packages versions weren’t consistently specified, so builds were pulling latest versions that led to issues in production. Teams were manually reviewing package versions before production deploys to prevent code breakages.


GlobalGiving uses Datree to run automated checks on package versions. This is one of the best practice rules already built into Datree and the first of many the team has now enabled. Addtionally, the team finds Datree's reports useful for monitoring compliance.


Code breakages due to package versioning issues were eliminated, and the team could focus on other important aspects during code reviews, allowing the team to speed up releases.

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